Le Petit Moulin Traiteur

A Story of Passion

A Great Mix of Passion, Professionalism and Determination to Pursue the Great Tradition of French Cuisine Catering in London

Established in 2019, Le Petit Moulin Traiteur is a catering service company based in London. It was founded by professional chef (Andrius Bareckas), who has specialised in French cuisine for the past 12 years. With a huge passion for culinary excellence we provide Londoners with ‘a great French traiteur for their events and parties’.

Having Mastered the techniques and the subtleties of French cuisine at its finest, Le Petit Moulin Traiteur offers authentic, fresh dishes to be enjoyed at your convenience. We have also built-up a great list of local suppliers, who provide us with fresh organic ingredients.

Le Petit Moulin Traiteur takes pride in offering a friendly and professional customer service. We will do our upmost to cater to the individual needs and requirements of your event, from the food menu to the way in which we serve our delicious dishes.